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05-26-2004, 06:03 AM
I have for sale a G-Tech Pro, works perfect, bought it and never really used it.

Comes with:
Original Box
G-Tech Pro

Asking $100(CAD) + Buyer Pays Shipping

06-08-2004, 05:37 AM
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06-08-2004, 05:58 AM
do you have more info on it

06-08-2004, 04:08 PM
What can it do?
G-TECH/Pro takes advantage of many different measurements that can be gathered from acceleration over time. For Horsepower measurement the user has to input the weight of the vehicle. We utilize what we call "Intuitive User Interface". To input weight all you have to do is simply tilt G-TECH/Pro up and the numbers will increase and if you tilt it down the numbers will decrease. Further you tilt it faster the numbers change.

In Horsepower mode G-TECH/Pro will display currently delivered horsepower during acceleration and then when you slow down it will display maximum delivered horsepower.
All the measurements are performed automatically. All you have to do is push the button indicating to G-TECH/Pro that you are ready and then G-TECH/Pro will zero-out and display -GO-. Then simply start accelerating. G-TECH/Pro will know your speed and distance at any given moment and stop the measurement at 60 mph or 1/4 mile point.

While measuring Lateral or Longitudinal G's user has the choice of Instantaneous or Continuous mode. Instantaneous G's are great for analyzing when tires lost traction during braking and cornering or measuring any other kind of G-load. Continuous G's are designed for standard skid pad handling measurements of Lateral G's.

When measuring Braking distance in feet user doesn't have to start braking exactly at 60 mph. G-TECH/Pro knows the speed always and it will only measure distance from 60-0 mph even if you started braking at 65 mph for example.

How does it work?
The heart of the G-TECH/Pro is a precision silicon accelerometer. An accelerometer is a sensor that measures acceleration, also known as G-Force. G-Force is what's keeping you in your seat as you are reading these words and if it wasn't for the seat you would be accelerating to the ground at 1G (32 feet per second per second).

G-TECH/Pro measures your speed and distance traveled by integrating acceleration over time. Basically, if you know how fast you are accelerating for a certain time period you'll know how much your speed has changed after that time period. So, if you start of from zero speed then you'll know what your speed is after every time period. These time periods are very small (2.5 milliseconds) and that's how G-TECH/Pro maintains its accuracy.

Distance is measured in the same fashion, if you know how fast you are going for a certain time period you will know what is the distance traveled during that time period.

G-TECH/Pro also measures delivered Horsepower, sometimes called Rear Wheel Horsepower. This horsepower includes the loss of power through the drivetrain which is usually 10-15%. The formula for Horsepower is speed times acceleration times the weight of the vehicle.

What's the accuracy?
The best way to look at accuracy is in two different ways. Resolution is the smallest segment of a given measurement that G-TECH/Pro can sense. Real Life accuracy is the worst case scenario to be expected in your measurements.
The difference between Resolution and Real Life accuracy is the result of noise, temperature dependency, vibration and other elements that influence the accelerometer and other internal electronic circuitry.

Our accelerometer is one of the best in the world. It starts out as a 1/8 inch silicone cube. Then it's laser sliced in to a sandwich with the critical mass in the middle. It sits in the specially designed silicone gel with dampening characteristics tailored for automotive dynamics. On top of all this there is a special accelerometer enclosure with grounded metal layer for EMI shielding.
We at TESLA Electronics Inc. believe that the best way to insure accuracy is to get a good, clean signal from the outside world and that's why the accelerometer in the G-TECH/Pro costs more than all other parts put together.

What's the maximum G range of the G-TECH/Pro?

In order to achieve such high accuracy Maximum G range of G-TECH/Pro is ~1.3 G's. This is fine for all the cars who's 1/4 mile E.T.s are above 7 seconds. If you have a car that's below 7 seconds you may experience inaccurate measurements due to clipping. Clipping is when the amount of G-Forces exceeds the limits of G-TECH/Pro. This can't hurt G-TECH/Pro but it can upset the measurements. Clipping will manifest itself by longer times than expected.

Can G-TECH/Pro be used on motorcycles?
This question is somewhat related to the one above. Some motorcycles deliver G's that exceed 1.3 G range. G-TECH/Pro wasn't designed for use with motorcycles. However, some customers have used it with motorcycles with success. It's very hard to say what G's (and for how long) can your motorcycle deliver even if you know it's E.T.s. In this case our Risk Free Money Back Guarantee can come in handy.

Why is my G-TECH/Pro consistently 2-3 mph above the track?
G-TECH/Pro is a very accurate machine, and the trap speed result that you get from the G-TECH/Pro is actually more accurate than the racetrack. Reason is that the racetrack averages your speed over a 60 feet stretch between two beams and G-TECH/Pro measures your speed at the exact 1/4 mile point.