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05-20-2004, 03:47 PM
hi im driving e36 325i (1993),but i like e30s bodyshape.
now im decide to trade e30 325is.(1989)
anyone can tell me actually which one is better?
(e36/e30)? both 325I
finding parts-aftermarket/performance?
thanyou very much!
m(_ _)m

05-20-2004, 08:11 PM
I've never owned an e36, but I have driven one, and in my opinion the fun factor is better in the e30...but if you are looking for luxury the e36 would probably be better. Also the m20 engines from the e30's are bullet proof...not sure about the m50 though.

05-20-2004, 10:00 PM
Buy the e30

It's fun'er fast'er and the chicks like it more:cool:

They are very reliable and cheap if your not a dummy...

05-20-2004, 10:21 PM
thankyou "chromius_e30"/"bmdoubleya"to reply me.
"bmdoubleya"yur car very nice,that what i want.
i like e30 because they look real BMW.

05-21-2004, 04:44 PM
I owned many BMW's. E30, E36, etc...

I'd take the E30. Most fun to drive and very unique.

05-21-2004, 04:47 PM
yes yes and yes .... E30 is more fun. i've had E36 before and E30 is more fun, E36 is more for a weekend car :)

05-21-2004, 04:54 PM
I love my 1984 318i the thing creeks and rattles but when a curve comes up and I whip through at 80 with absolutely no tire sqeal my heart is content.
I would get an e36 m3 to drive on 3 days out of 7

05-21-2004, 08:06 PM
e30's parts/preformence parts is it hart to find than e36?

05-22-2004, 12:46 AM
i owned both, im going back to an e36 personally

05-25-2004, 04:19 AM
i have a 1988 325is for sale buddy, its coupe 5 speed transmission.

E30 Girl
05-26-2004, 08:19 PM
Definetly get the E30 they are great little cars. I would rather have one then an E36 or an E46!

05-26-2004, 08:47 PM
I like the e30 but it might be because it is not as common as the e36:eek:

05-26-2004, 10:11 PM
im agree.really too much e36 in toronto.

05-26-2004, 11:05 PM
same in connecticut, too many e36, e39, e46, e60 ect.... but only a handfull of e30's

05-28-2004, 03:25 AM
check out "The e30 Buyer's Guide" in the new Bimmer mag.....they compare it the e30 to the e36 and guess which they preffered......yes, of course, the e30....

05-30-2004, 05:20 AM
If you are tall and have big feet you will find the e30 not to meet your fancy. Also the e30 have more rust and leak problems then you would believe but these cars are almost 20yrs old and were made by real designers and engineers these news ones are nice and accelerate better but don't have the same love and toughness.

My bias opinion because well I drive an e30 and I usually prefer older cars over newer ones. Lastly, the e30s were made for people who actually work on their cars if you don't like to get your hands dirty and prefer the dealership to work on your car then stay with your e36.