View Full Version : Feeler: ADR DV-8 White Rims

Jim .E.
05-19-2004, 09:13 PM
Got 4 ADR DV-8 rims in powder white....dunno if they'll fit bims but heres the details:

17"x7" with 48 offset

lug pattern is 5x100/114.3

Pictures are at:
ADR DV-8 (http://www.hookupshop.com/rims/adr/ADR%20Rims/DV8.htm)

Regular price is $175/rim+tax+shipping (Roughly $900 U.S.)

I am selling for $600 CND

They are brand new, never balanced, never mounted, no scratches, never seen tire....they are in box and MINT condition

now i have posted on TAC and a slight problem occured because i posted wrong and said they were Racing Heart DV-8's and i was wrong and i got bitched at for an honest mistake and i doubt anyone will buy off of their so im trying here....my first sale....hopefully it goes good....if no one buys they will go to a pawn shop