View Full Version : FS: BBS 17x9 ET10 - ONLY SET IN US

05-16-2004, 08:55 PM
So, I came across these rims from a friend of PTG Racing. Apparently they went to order some bolts from BBS and misplaced a number and ended up with a set of these rims (not bad).

Talking to some friends in Europe, they are apparently BTTC or ETTC rims and were never sent to the US (there are BMW versions which are different centers and offset). However, these particular rims can't even be ordered from BBS anymore.

To top it all off...the boxes they came in have BMW stickers on them (as in, there are BMW part numbers on them).

The rims are SPECTACULAR. They are unused and just look amazing. Nice lip on them too. All 4 rims are in PERFECT conditin. They will fit E36s and E46s with widebody extensions and E30 M3s with 2" fender extensions (slightly wider than EVO spec). M6s should handle them (stock, I've heard). And obviously any widebody 5er.

Price: $1300 (plus shipping). E-Mail if you have an offer for them.


-Randall Prince