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05-14-2004, 11:08 PM
Yea this is my first post whats up fellow e30 holders....I am actualyl lookiing for an 1988 m3 front bumper, does anyone have one of these

05-14-2004, 11:32 PM
first post,cant rag ya out....you posted that in the wrong section..
try putting up a post in the looking for section....or pm eurobunk(eurostyle)he makes fiberglass replicas..

oh...and welcome to max..*wave*

05-14-2004, 11:43 PM
yea i jsut realized that after browsing the site...lol. thanks for your help, now ill try to figure out the PM system...lol

05-15-2004, 01:12 AM
hi there welcome to maX!!, id like to suggest you check out http://www.turnermotorsport.com/html/showadds.asp?Type=parts if not on there check out ebay.

any pics of your car??

05-15-2004, 04:27 PM
i dont think fil makes an E30 M3 bumper....your best bet is turner motorsport, at least it is OE

05-17-2004, 01:30 AM
Ebay looks pretty grim and it doesnt look like there are any on that link....This is so depressing....lol
The struggling college student and his M3 is banged up.
Anymore ideas would be greatly appreciated