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05-11-2004, 06:30 PM
89 525 5speed for Sale - $2500 OBO

This is a re-post. I've now bought my replacement, and need to get my old baby out of the garage, to make room for my new one. I can't attach or send pix, because I don't have a digital camera.

If I can't sell it in the next few weeks, I'll part it out.

It's a blue 5 speed, and I loved it. With very little work, it can be really humming.

The odometer says 150K miles, although that's not quite accurate (ask me about it).

The engine and drive train are in excellent shape. I spent about $4,000 18 months ago overhauling the engine (see the details further down in this note). Just about everything in the car works well.

The body overall is probably a 7 out of 10. The paint is very good. There is a little bit of rust around the gas filler door, and a couple of the removable rocker panels are rusted. The passenger side front bumper cover and fog light are missing (someone ripped them off, literally).

The interior is blue cloth, and is in very good shape. The driver's side seat cover was replaced about 2 years ago with an original BMW cover (from Germany) at a cost of about $400.

I've got lots of 'extras' with it.

- 8 original BMW aluminum wheels (summer & winter tires)
- a brand new clutch assembly (in the box, not installed)
- extra brake pads
- oil filters
- air filters
- service indicator reset tool
- extra IC board
- extra coding chip (that's part of my mileage story)
- service manual.

The car is being sold 'as is', and my asking price is $2,500. You can see the car in Mississauga.

To be certified, the car will need a rear caliper (or two, if you're anal about replacing things in pairs), rear rotors and pads. At present, the passenger side rear caliper and rotor are totally shot. You will also need to replace the driver's side low beam glass cover, and one or two of the tail-light bulbs.

The following list shows the condition of other major components, and the work I've had done on it over the past two years.

- springs - fine
- shocks - replaced about two years ago, and they're still good.
- gas tank and fuel pump replaced about 9-12 months ago
- no oil leaks. Oil pan replaced a couple of years ago.
- thrust arms/control/arms/sway links - the handling of the car is very good, so I assume they're OK
- A/C is perfect. Compressor replaced July 2002; rad replaced before that
- In June, 2002: replaced coil, ignition wires, rotor, cap, all fuel injectors and seals
- muffler, resonator replaced several years ago with OEM parts, and have a lifetime warranty ($13 nominal charge for replacement if/when that's needed)

Engine overhaul done in April/02, and included:
- rebuilt head
- oil pump
- hoses
- fuel pressure regulator
- upper strut bearing
- sway bar links
- head gasket
- piston ring set

Total spent over about 30 months was over $8600. The 'lifetime' exhaust (muffler and resonator) cost about $1,000 over and above that.

Let me know if you want more info.

Or even better, come over to my place in Mississauga (Queensway / Mavis area), and see the car in person!!!