View Full Version : Can I get a favor?

06-09-2002, 01:59 PM
Be on the lookout for great condition 1989-1991 325i/is/iX for me... around (hah! or less) 100k miles ... 5 speed or automatic, I don't know which I should be going for...

I'm thinking once I pay off the 318, sell it for ~$7k-8k [USD] (KBB says it's worth $8k .. I'd be happy with 7500) ... and buy an E30 325 for $4500-6000 ... put whatever I've got into savings, 'pimp' the E30 through college, hopefully it'll be in great condition so I won't have to pay a lot for repairs... the rest would be insurance...

Everything else I would save for a better E36 one day!

Sound good?