View Full Version : Wasaga vid

06-09-2002, 11:39 AM
Is the editing finished did I miss the thread ?

06-12-2002, 06:36 PM
no man it aint done, my video card got ****ed and i sent it back...and was suppossed to get hepl from 328dtm but didnt happen!

'88 325e
06-12-2002, 08:59 PM
Can some one help out E46_lover please! I can't wait any longer to see the video! :(

06-12-2002, 10:58 PM
My appologies E46lover!!!!!
I checked my PM's today.

Anyways, I can let you do it but it'll have to be after my exams which by then will be the weekend for the Niagra Cruise. I should be attending that!