View Full Version : folia tech red brake paint

05-10-2004, 02:21 AM
as the title says I paid 55 so make me an offer

05-10-2004, 02:39 AM
brand new?
PI is selling them new for $40 as they don't carry it anymore

05-10-2004, 02:41 AM
wtf i bought it from there also a few weeks ago for 56 with tax. mine is also brand new

05-10-2004, 06:05 AM
I know what you mean i bought my silver one a while ago .
When i went there for there Midnight madness sale they had some new kind that canadian tire is selling for like $25 and they said they don't carry the line anymore
I don't want to make an offer that sounds like a lowball just an informed decsion.

05-10-2004, 06:33 AM
$55! You got ripped man.......I sell it at work for $29.99+tx.

05-10-2004, 06:12 PM
well make me an offer

05-12-2004, 03:09 AM
bump it up