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1994 BMW 325is Sport Package, 5-speed, 158,XXX miles. --**WANT: $6,000 USD for it**--

VIN # - WBABF3328REF43974

The car is located in South suburbs of Chicago, IL

PICTURES HERE: www.clanie.com/index.htm (the first 2 pages of pictures are bad quality, but after that they are good) email me with IMG #'s if you would like to see full-size pics.

I purchased this car spring 2003. And since then I only put 5,000 miles on it. I am the second owner and the first owner absolutally babied the car. I did the same, washing the car every week and driving it only in best conditions. I am really sad to have to sell this car, but I just started an E30 project and need some money.

here are the specs and info on the car:

The car was special ordered - Mauritus Blue on Grey interior. It has the sport package which includes heated sport seats/mirrors, LSD (limited slip differential), OBC (on-board computer), and Metallic paint. And the suggested retail price for it was $35,410.

The overall condition of the car is great, runs smooth and strong. Interior looks great for a 10 year old car. And the exterior looks great, with a couple of very small dings and couple minor scratches (all very hard to notice unless you really look at the spot.)

The first owner didn't give me any minor maintenace records (oil changes etc.) as he did that himself with mobil 1 every 3,000 miles, and I did the same thing. He gave me receipts of some moajor maintenace where at 128,XXX miles he spent $1,600 at Laurel BMW reaplcing the rear exhaust, brake rotors/discs/pads, all kinds of gaskets/filters, spark plugs and more. Then at 144,XXX miles spending $747.00 at Laurel BMW replacing the battery, alternator, generator and more. Right as I was about to purchase the car from him he had all the fluids replaced, replaced the clutch, and had the e-brake fixed. When I bought the car I replaced the O2 sensor, ABS sensor and also replaced the brake pads. Then i had the ugly bumpers/sideskirts painted to match the color of the car. Other then the painted bumpers/sideskirts the car is completaly stock and was never modified or abused. It has all-season tires with about 80% tread left on them.

I want to get $6,000 USD for it and I think thats a very fair parice,

email me at acegronski@attbi.com
call me at (708) 535-7874 and ask for Luke

thank you

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car is now sold :(