View Full Version : 80's E30 M3 Brochure

05-06-2004, 03:04 AM
E30 M3 Brochure from the 80's, kinda cool and retro. Check it out..

Click here for the 80's E30 M3 brochure (http://www.bmwworld.com/media/wallpaper/m3_e30_brochure.htm)

05-06-2004, 03:57 AM
Very cool! Still my favourite BMW *th-up*

05-06-2004, 05:39 AM
i got a few late 80's early 90's brochures i picked up at one of thoes classic car swap meets.. cool to have :)

05-06-2004, 05:59 AM
so much better than advertising brochures going around today.....actually has useful technical info.....now its actually hard to look at a car advert and get any power specs (unless its a sports car, but even then). oh for the good old days.

05-06-2004, 02:02 PM
GusRacer, I agree with you on that one.

I really enjoyed reading this brochure.

Bob Loblaw
05-06-2004, 02:04 PM
Nice find. Thanks for sharing!