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06-07-2002, 04:10 PM
After reading so much about Zaino here and elsewhere on the net I decided my new 2002 325i (1 week old) needed the very best.. So i ordered myself some Z1, Z2, Z6 and the Z18 clay bar. I've done the washing and clay baring, did the Z1 and just finished applying Z2. I'm using the McGuire’s Ultimate Wipes for application, changing to a new one every time i move to the next stage. I'm waiting for my Z2 to dry now (nice strawberry smell).

I have the titanium silver paint, so it's very difficult to tell how of this stuff is on the car to begin with. The bottle said that there should be hazing when you apply the Z1.. I believe i used enough of the Z1, because if i ran my finger over a Z1 area on the car it seemed smoother then the non Z1 area.. I've applied the Z2 now, I was still expecting the hazing, still no hazing... I think I used enough once again.. Says about 8 to 10 coats per bottle.. So, I think i used enough for that... I've now set my clock to 1 hour and will proceed to wipe it off as told.. If I understand correctly, I need to wait another 24 hours before i can apply another coat of Z2?

Basically what I’m getting to is this.. I’ve applied the cheapo turtle wax before.. I know how it looks; it’s a white haze on the car till you rub it off finally. Did I do everything right? The paint doesn’t really look dull without the Z2 rubbed off, should it? I guess the best person to respond would be someone who has the same color paint as I...

06-07-2002, 06:52 PM
any car for that matter. Just wash and dry but if you're really antsy, use meguiar quick detailing liquid.

06-07-2002, 11:59 PM
Ah.. If you didn't know... One of the reasons of waxing a car is to make sure water beads on it, making dirt and other crap also not sticking to it.. It also protects the paint...