View Full Version : how much?

04-23-2004, 04:16 AM
i was just wondering cus i am planning to get some soon
how much for a set of type 44s these days. Price with or without rubber?

04-23-2004, 06:34 AM
i think they sell for around $1100 with oem tires ... btw i have a set of type 44 with 4 pirelli snowsport 210 mounted on and extra set of oem tires for sale ... pm me if interested

04-25-2004, 02:08 AM
I got a set of type 44 16" with piralli p7000 super sport tires, the tires are almost brand new. Only the tires cost me over 800$. I can give you all 4 wheels with tires plus the spare wheel with original conti tires for very low price, I just need to get rid of it, I cant say the wheels are in good condition but if you just need them, I can sell you for a good price. Contact me at takchung30@hotmail.com