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04-14-2004, 09:18 PM
(this is an exeperience from last year as i was not yet a max member)....
bought a fiberglass body kit (m3 front,rieger rear,m3 sides)off of phil(eurostyle)i was very happy with the sides,as they fit perfectly.but the front and rear did not want to line up properly,i had to bend and rework my rear quarters(and i was not happy to do that considering i just flew to calgary to pick up the cleanest e30 i could find)there seemed to be more filling than cutting out of his claimed *extra* material,and the rear piece was so wavy i had to clamp 2 pieces of wood to it and leave it out in the sun for a few hours to get it strait(as it would not slip inbetween the l braket and body the way it was)... ..im curently selling my car because i think it looks like shit with that shody kit on(not the sole reason,but a big factor),i cant keep the fiberglass from cracking in the strangest places,and he couldn't be bothered to put some tabs on to mount the screens on,or something to mount the fogs on(just holes thin as paper)

...all in all not a good experience.i'd strongly recomend anyone considering one of his kits, to save up the extra couple hundred dollars and get the real thing...ive heard good and bad about his stuff,so his quality seems to be hit and miss..

edit:the cost of the kit was 1000$ at that time

response to lennon:when i met fil at his house he told me what i needed and showed me his kit,i did call fil back then,he kinda put me under the impression his kits were in high demand he didnt have time for it...so i kinda got the impression he was a prick,had i known about maxbimmer.com back then i would have signed up and posted.as for posting when somebody says 'eurostyle kit' and his reputation,im of the opinoin that if you sell me something that is crap,im gonna do my best to make sure somebody else doesnt make the same mistake i did.In all fairness to fil,i have heard other more expensive kits requireing work,but that doesnt change the fact that i wasnt happy with the kit.thats as diplomatic as i get.

04-14-2004, 09:44 PM
Bought a kit off of him aswell, it was fine, none of the problems you listed there, but I hope your a respecting person, and went to Fil FIRST to tell him about the problem, instead of waiting a whole year after the fact to complain about it in front of everyone, like I said earlier, he won't know some of his problems unless you bring it to his attention. Only makes sense.

So heres my question, did you consult with him first? How was his customer service? And why are you just posting this now?

And yes, sorry, I AM taking this a little personal, but only because of how everyone is going about this, instead of doing it diplomatically.

- Lennon

04-15-2004, 01:55 AM
heres a few of my problems with fils kit...