View Full Version : Benchmark, how does your S54 Coupe...

04-14-2004, 01:26 AM
...compare to your old S52 Coupe?? Give us a rundown of the differences.


04-14-2004, 02:32 AM
where to begin...

s52 was:

1)noticeably torquey down-low with power coming on strong under 3000 rpm.

2)power seemed to fizzle out by about 5500 rpm.

3)loved the cable-pull throttle...you know exactly how much you're going to get and it's very predictable

4)the car makes a bit of a low-growl and shake when you start it up...very cool

5)a good car for city driving because of the power being available low in the powerband

now on to the s54.....

when i first test-drove the car the first thing that got me was the difference in throttle, the second was the way the power was developed and delivered. on pulling off the lot i noticed a few other things....

1)the drive-by-wire throttle sucked(at first) not nearly as precise as the cable pull of my s52

2)the clutch was a little different, the pedal is higher from the floor making heal-toe different

3)the ticking noise i heard from the engine when i started it and listened from outside the car

4)when i drove the car the raspy noise that came from the exhaust with throttle....different from the s52.....easily the first thing that pinned a smile to my face reaching 6500 rpm in second....

5)power is way higher in the powerband compared to the s52...you need to be about 1000 rpm higher to have power on tap

6)how much difference a software version update can make!!!! now the throttle is way more responsive to what i want it to do

7)miss the low-end grunt of the s52 for city driving, but i'm sure to find a way to fix this real soon(3.46 diff).

8) s52 vs. s54........both have their own uniqueness...one is more untamed and burly, one is more refined and tuned. the car is taking some time to get used to, it feels the same throwing it around but different propelling it into and out of corners.

initial impressions:

the leather is WAY softer than my s52, i like the grey guages, the auto-dimming rearview mirror...since the dsc is never on i can't comment on it's effectiveness, but i'm sure it works. i am happy to have external temperature back, i missed that quite a lot really. i've also had the addition of a passenger side vanity mirror brought to my attention...and then there is colour!

believe me, the colour makes the car a lot different.

did i mention i like the colour?