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04-06-2004, 02:46 AM
Ahh, the day would come ... it seems as though my 318i is starting to fall apart, unfortunatly. I've come to the realization that it's time to get a newer/same year BMW, most likely a 325i or xi. I've got a few questions regarding alot of things. First of all, my 318 is '91.

1) When driving, the power band seems really funny, i'll be driving and my head will gradually suck back into my seat, but move forward and back again. It's like the power is equal until 2,000 RPM and then it comes back again around 2,800.

2) When holding the car at a steady 2,100 RPM the car has a strange vibration, the entire car vibrates/shakes/resonates along with the engine, why?

3) When letting off the accelerator sharply at an RPM under 3,000 and making the car jolt like you were bad at driving stick be the Guibo/flex coupler?

4) My engine, as I look in ... I look at the BMW logo, where underneath are my sparkplugs... that whole metal/aluminum piece thing (I can't ... put a name on it.) I was feeling the bolts around it, and three of them are loosely sitting on there, they won't screw in because the place where they do screw in is stripped. I'm thinking some dummy with an impact wrench put them in. What do I do about that?

5) Massive understeer. I've got noname brand tires apparently, they are called Capitol. They are 14 inch, 205's I believe. When going around a roundabout my tires screech and my front end slides. This is quite surprising to me, because I am going at a relatively slow speed. Would tire rotation fix understeer? Would it be alignment issues? Crappy tires?

6) About a year ago, my rack and pinnion failed, leaking all power steering fluid over the road. I had the local crap shop fix it, they replaced it and said that the alignment would be done out of shop, laser perfected ... etc. A few days ago (I havn't been able to replicate this) I started the car up, and moved the wheel over about an inch to the left and the entire wheel started shaking strangely. I have no clue ... any ideas? I'm guessing that my alignment was done wrong, and may be the answer to question #5.

7) I broke the crankcase breather hose, er, rather... it broke itself. The connecting area underneath the engine needs to be replaced... any special conditions about replacing that?

8) Rough idle with K&N filtercharger airfilter.. it's a stock airbox high performance filter. I'm thinking the computer needs to be reset by unplugging the battery for a certain amount of time ... or my o2 sensor might be dead. At idle, cold and sometimes when it's warm it'll drop from a normal 800-850 RPM idle to a lower 600 idle and the car shakes. At startup when the engine is cold, it tends to run about an 1,000RPM idle... At warm, it runs normal until I rev the engine to any RPM where it proceeds to drop below idle, come up to idle, drop below, then level off... so weird.

9) The accelerator cable... I bumped it by accident, so part of it popped out. I said no big deal, and plugged it back in, unfortunatly the rubber coating around that section split at the end, making it impossible to jam it back into place, so I cut the rubber coating off, and below is a solid metal section. Do I have to replace the WHOLE cable to get this rubber coating back on? I'm getting a stuck accelerator at lower RPM's, the engine doesn't rev, it's just the pedal that gets stuck ... hmm. Stupid car.

Yes, my 318i is turning into a junker, but ... any help would be appreciated to help me turn this junker into a fine automobile, thanks.


04-06-2004, 02:51 AM
Question 10)

ABS unit, it works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't. Why? No light, brake fluid normal, brakes new... Coming around a corner, my tires lock up while applying the brake, braking hard in the rain in a panic stop, I slide sideways, braking on pavement-yellow light, loud screech then ABS turns on... on a backroad testing ABS, ABS turns on, lights dim with pulsation ... so weird.

04-07-2004, 07:45 PM
Wow, you losers. Thanks for the help ...

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04-08-2004, 12:14 AM
1. Not quite sure, could be a few things...

2. Driveshaft vibrations, could be guibo...

3. Releasing gas hard at 3000rpm with the clutch in results in the wheels using the motor to brake the car...

4. Helicoil it.

5. Crappy tires

6. Sideload on the tires, power steering tries to overcome it, causes the wheel to shake. Same thing happens in my Jeep if I do it while sitting still with the engine at idle, it's not just the steering wheel, the engine is probably bucking too from the stress of the power steering. If it wasn't this, I dunno.

7. No clue

8. Defined as "Hunting" do a search, could be bad engine backpressure, could easily be your O2 sensor aswell.

9. Replace the whole cable.

10. ABS gets overriden if you brake TOO hard. ABS also doesn't come on unless you hit the brakes somewhat hard and have it adjusted (this is how it works in my durango). Tires screech when ABS kicks in because it allows the tires to fully lock up, then unlocks them, then sees if they'll lock up again or not, if they do it loosens the brakes again, if not, it doesn't.

All of that is best guess from experience on non-bmws...

04-08-2004, 04:11 AM
Thanks man.