View Full Version : M10 motor/clutch/tranny fs

03-30-2004, 02:53 AM
very powerful M10,really rips for a four banger...310k on it but still in good shape..good clutch(replaced last year)and 5 sp trans....fuel comp and wiring harness included(actually every thing included..im just pluckin it out and puttin it in the garage...so alterantor,starter,ps pump...everything thats on it...
just throw an offer out there,not lookin to get rich off it... could even be good for spare parts...or drop it in your classic...


03-30-2004, 03:21 AM
YES!!!!! My m20 finnally Goin in that sucker. cant wait to see the outcome of the home made mods u gonna do to it :P

03-30-2004, 03:34 AM
ghetto power baby........!!!!!!!!!!

03-30-2004, 03:47 AM
m10 motors are a realy tuff motor my dad built a 2002tii motor same block same block type with high comp pistons and a 4 speed tranny he blew the doors of a stock 325 !
capable a 6thousand rpms easy !

03-30-2004, 09:01 AM
im talkin like 200$ here guys....fck the alternator is worth that....if not..anyone know somebody with a chevette kickin around for cheap?????:idea:

03-30-2004, 11:20 AM
guys someone jump on this... its worth it for that price.. if no one wants it it doesnt hurt to have it in my garrage to work on it. dont really need it but for the price i might take it if no one does...

03-30-2004, 02:08 PM
zimmie you should take the whole car:D

03-30-2004, 06:28 PM
Only if he drop the m20 in there..