View Full Version : Spotted 2 E46s on QEW tonight at ~9 ..

03-20-2004, 04:46 AM
Spotted one black sedan and a silver coupe (license plate ...ANYN403) with Mtech kit, aftermarket wheels (what are they btw ? they look great when turning !!), and MAXBIMMER STICKER !!!! *th-up* on QEW tonight at around 9 ...

sorry for cutting in between u and the black sedan, the van in front of me was doing silly things ... I didnt know u guys were cruising together until u went past me and chased the black sedan haha ... also I almost missed the QEW->427 exit (I am not familiar with the roads there) ... I then accelerated to match the silver coupe's speed, opened window and wave ... but the driver was focusing on the other side of the road and exited at Hurontario ??

anyways ... nice rides guys !! the black sedan has video headrests ?? They're nice !! what brand, model are they ?? Hope to meet u guys sometime in the future !