View Full Version : ROH ZS 17.7.5 rims Polished

05-17-2002, 01:18 PM
I had these rims for about a year and a half but drove on them for a total of maybe 1 year full. They are the ROH ZS wheels in 17x 7.5 all 4. I polished them last season but I got new wheels so I used them through the winter. Rims are in OK condition... dont really know because I didnt clean them after the winter period. I think one rim is slightly bent but not too bad..... just listing out the condition to be honest. I suppose if I cleaned them up.... they would still shine a bit but it would take some heavy cleaning.
Anyone interested? Im asking 400 bucks Canadian
For comparison... I bought the rims for about 250 each and I polished them for 125 each rim.... thats a total of 1500 bucks canadian.
If you were to take these rims and touch up polish them... they would look mint brand spanking new.....
email me at gt_skyline@hotmail.com if interested or for more details.
Pic is attached on my car

05-18-2002, 04:00 PM
Hey ,

You never told me you had those to sell..... ???? I would lke to see them.....

Email me right away.... b4 you sell them.