View Full Version : FS: E30 16x7.5 Borbet Type T's, ES100's

02-29-2004, 09:32 PM
I have 15" track rubber, so I really need to get some different wheels.

16x7.5, mounted and balanced on almost new tires. Offset is ET20. 4x100 bolt pattern.

They are worth quite a lot. I am only asking $700 + shipping, but why not just call it $775 to not have to deal with shipping quotes. My friend who sold his Type T's said this price is more than fair. To pay for 225/50's on the 15" I want, I need to sell my T's.

1400 mile 205/50WR16 YOKOHOMA ES100 tires included. Those go for about $79 a tire I believe. A really great package.

The tires are practically new, and the wheels are pristine. It is sick how clean they are.

Two of the center caps are missing, that is the only problem. I have four new center caps coming and I can include them for $50. Otherwise, I could use them on my 15" if they need them, or pass them onto another driver who needs them.


ASKING $775 shipped

p.s. pics: