View Full Version : here's IE newest front strut bar :~)

02-27-2004, 04:29 AM
87 325ic.
went to pick up strut bar from Ireland Engeneering new shop, they installed in in 5 minuts, thanks Jeff and crew.

handling improvement is veri obious, much sharper response, and stiffer frame, just what my convertible need it

bar does not interfere with cruise control, no modifications what so ever, fit's like a glove and they do come in 2 lenghts, there's is a lenght differenece between e30 models.

they were nice enough to show me prototype headers, 2 piece design and should be available in 2 weeks. bet 250 to 275 or so.

insisted on some pointers about rear sub-frame bushing replacement, was told that biggest concern is bolt poping-up after installation, this due to uneven tightening during re-installation of sub to frame.

another pointers were NOT to use urathene control arm bushings since they do "pop-out", best to stick to oem M3's.

rumor about K-mac rear conrol arm bushings is false, they do not move about after installation nor hard driving, this confirmed by Jeff's crew.

<img src="http://galleries.mtbreview.com/mtbr/gallery/pictures/1(40).jpg"> <BR><BR> <img src="http://galleries.mtbreview.com/mtbr/gallery/pictures/2(37).jpg"> <BR><BR> <IMG src="http://galleries.mtbreview.com/mtbr/gallery/pictures/3(17).jpg">