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02-21-2004, 10:10 PM
I'm a retard, I had to backup my car out of the garage today and somehow the rubber trimming on my driver side door got caught on my other car next to it (had the door slightly open) and it got ripped off. How much would this cost to replace? Some of the plastic pieces that fit into the holes are broken now so I don't think I can fix it myself.

02-21-2004, 10:58 PM
I'm replacing my moldings soon.

I'll give you mine for $25 (OEM new is $40)

02-21-2004, 11:46 PM
What are you replacing them with?

02-22-2004, 01:41 PM
M Moldings...

02-27-2004, 11:09 PM
FYI I went to the dealership and I bought the molding, cost me frickin $95 bucks. Told the guy that I heard it cost $40 and said I was mistaken for something else probably, heh.

Maybe we were talking about a different piece? Or maybe I'm just an idiot from buying it from the dealer? :)

02-28-2004, 12:52 AM
Uh.. no - you got the same thing that I'm selling.

It's the strip of rubber that goes alongside the middle of the door right?

Anyways, enjoy your $100 molding!

02-28-2004, 12:54 AM
Actually, come to think of it - I bought my complete M molding set for $220 - so I think you better go back to your dealer and find out why one piece is almost half the price of a complete M-tech set.

02-28-2004, 02:03 AM
Eh...yeah near the bottom of the door.

Which dealer did you buy your shit from?

02-29-2004, 02:06 AM
Toronto BMW.. the crystal palace..

02-29-2004, 02:48 AM
You got a phone number on hand? I'm gonna call them on monday and check how much it is there.

If it's $50 cheaper what do you suppose I could do? Doubt they'd let me return it now that it's on my car?

02-29-2004, 02:39 PM
Uh - not right on hand.. just go to www.bmw.ca and click dealers. Should get a number there.

I doubt they would let you return it. Once it looks installed - there's some clause in the receipt when you bought the trim at the dealer.

Good luck.