View Full Version : blown engine, ever experiance it??

02-06-2004, 07:12 AM
On my way with my buddy to a friends house, when all of a sudden, BANG the engine just broke. It was just in due time because the day before the low end knocking started, so the engine was pretty much shut down from there on.

but it was quite the experiance being in the car while it happend!!:D Sad but funny

Hes gettin a engine transplanted into his car this weekend! so all is good soon :rolleyes:

I dont know if anybody saw this aswell, but i towed him from Oakville to Scarborough in my e30, it was jokes.

02-06-2004, 07:19 AM
funny story... a friend of mine lent his car to a buddy (john).. told him when he picked up the car, "make shure you top up the coolant! because there was a small leak in the rad".. well the guy drove the car and burnt out the engine... my friend asked him how it happend and the guys said he forgot about the coolant and thought the guage was screwed up so he just kept driving it.

Well to make a long story short! when my friend went to pick up John who broke his car, he came in John's car that he just finished fixing.. half way home he said.. "hey... lets see what this car can do" so John mashed the throttle and got the car flying down the road.. my friend reached over and slammed it into first gear (automatic) well up came the RPM and in a matter of seconds the his engine was blown too!

LOL OWNED!!! true story.. but not something you would do with brand new cars.. just beaters :)