View Full Version : what dya think of this?

01-28-2004, 09:43 PM
What do you guys think of this car?

I'm thinking of getting this because the financing is low and its around 30k which isnt too bad. And most important its bone stock. Hopefully it will still be available in spring when I have the funds to get it.

Has anyone ever dealt with legacy auto or heard of anything about them?

1999 black bmw m3 (http://www.trader.ca/LegacyMotors/Default.asp?Trader=1&CAT=1&mknm=688&Region=&adid=3334517&dContact=52076&VLot=/LegacyMotors&ADS=3334517%7C&SRVlot=1&SRslts=1&q1=%3D+1&c1=%40category&q3=688&c3=%40makeid&q4=17418&c4=%40modelcode&q5=&c5=%40adcopy&q6=%3E%3D+1990+and+%3C%3D+1999&c6=%40year&q7=&c7=%40askprice&q14=&c14=%40subcategory&mknm=688&mdnm=M3&Region=&subcategory=&alpha=)

01-28-2004, 09:55 PM
I found my M Roadster through Legacy. He has beautiful cars but they don't stick around long. If you have not been there yet, go, you won't believe the cars he has in the back. All imports, Audi, Jag, Rover, BMW, Merc., etc. Don't expect to barter much, he knows what they are worth.