View Full Version : Clutch Stuck/Sticking

01-26-2004, 04:34 PM
Coming home from T.O./'Saga and was doing 120km in 4th when I felt like kicking it up a notch into that 150/160km 5th gear speed demon blow by speed. I try to go to 5th and nothing like when I hit the clutch I felt nothing and my shifter was moving about freely like it wasn't attached. Made it home in one piece (lucky for me i didn't have to stop or slow down before getting home) and drove into my driveway (4th still) then reversed to repositioning myself and it was stuck in reverse. Shut car off jiggled shifter and clutched in/out and restarted and got the car to go forward in 1st. Currently stuck in 1st.

Hope it's not the clutch bearing etc fried. Any suggestions/ideas and rough prices would be appreciated. Thanx