View Full Version : Fuel Mgmt Assistance

01-21-2004, 03:52 PM
Need Help?
I am running a Mosellman Turbo kit now with a small T25, small intercooler, etc etc..
I have had my car to my mechanic..blah blah.
I am running a upgraded fuel pressure regulator & 2 fuel pumps,etc. I did have the computer chip replaced back to stock-could this cause the problem. COuld the O2 sensor be picking up the rich fuel and leaning me out?
Anyways, I was informed that I am running lean around 4000rpms it feels like the car wants to go but is hesitant. I was then told it may be the injectors which I could get cleaned and balanced or get new ones. Instead I have grabbed some '95 M3 injectors from a MAx member who says they should work fine.
Now, what I need is someone with experience, care, and a brain to work on E30 to switch them up. Can anyone suggest who you would trust to do this and get me a straight answer. I kinda wanna know what the problem is-not what it could be.
I want the car running without problems by April.