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01-18-2004, 02:21 AM
Hey. When I bought my 323, the salesguy said that I don't need a block heater since the car uses synthetic oil and it does not freeze. For knowledge sake, why does synthetic oil not freeze? How cold can my car stand if I leave it outside for 8 hours?

01-18-2004, 09:05 PM

01-18-2004, 09:10 PM
Synthetic oil will flow better under extreme cold temperatures where regular conventional oil will thicken like mollasses and therefore it will not be able to get to your vital internal parts in time and will cause extra friction. I believe in having synthetic during winters where it really helps. Using a block heater also helps. If you got a block heater I would use that too.*th-up*

01-18-2004, 11:18 PM
Yeah man, synthetic oil is just that, its made out of synthetic materials mixed in with the oil
It will stay viscous at lower temperatures when your conventional oil would be freezing.
You should be fine without a block heater
but if you really want one, it will be good for the car and they won't put a big dent in the pocket either.
It will help your car last longer...i just wish i had a place to plug it in at my house

01-18-2004, 11:32 PM
run an extension cord under your garage door, works for me.

01-18-2004, 11:48 PM
i live in student housing
garage = non existant
my backyard is a parking lot

01-18-2004, 11:59 PM
run an extension cord from ur dorm room
jus a by an industrial one on a spool


01-19-2004, 05:27 AM
Oh ok. Thanks!

A block heater helps my car last longer? It's parked inside a insulated garage when it's at home. Just sometimes during the day parked at work it gets cold.

Student housing and driving a 2004 M3??? Very nice!

01-19-2004, 06:48 PM
Student housing and driving a 2004 M3??? Very nice! [/B][/QUOTE]

LOL no man,
i get the car when i go home and i only drive it when its nice out....it would be sweet to bring her to Queen's though, i would get even more attention than i do with the Jeep...
Right now i meet ppl all the time and they are like hey you're the guy with the red jeep. imagine what it would be like with the bimmer