View Full Version : need heated seat wiring installed in GTA

01-16-2004, 04:28 AM
i'm about to get some heated seats but i don't think i have the wiring for it pre installed. are any 318is prewired for heated seats? i didn't see any spare connectors under the seats. i have the seats, switches and even a wiring harness from the same car. is there any shops in the GTA that can wire up the seats for me. i've looked thru the detailed guide on how to do it and i'll try and find a new wiring harness if it would help. (anyone know the part #?) but i'm looking for any help with getting them in, preferabley soon as it's bloody cold out and i don't have a garage to work on the car in. i was thinking maybe some specialty stereo guys might be experienced with this sort of thing, some mechanics might not want to do something this fussy. but maybe a max member has already lived thru this. or is it easier than it looks?