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01-14-2004, 07:36 PM
Well since early October, I had been selling Rieger items through George. Everything had been going smoothly, until I got one last order before I went back to school, and reluctantly accepted to go through with it. The order was for a Rieger Lip, and it was to be sent to a James Watson. I emailed George the address of the party like I always did, sent him the money, and played the waiting game, till I had heard word from the party saying they had received it. To this day, nor the party, or myself has been reimbursed. The lip was supposedly sent multiple times, and never got there. Ive been in contact with George, and if you are reading this now man, Im sorry I gotta do it this way, but I really just want to get the money back, and get out of this situation. For the past 3 and a half months, neither party (myself and Mr. Watson) have received anything back. When I call George, he always seems to play it cool, and act like nothings wrong, as he gives out fake email addresses, and assures me that the money is clearing from his Paypal. For some reason, he sent me an E-check before Xmas through Paypal. The E-check said it would clear on 12-16, come the day of 12-16, it then says it will clear on 12-23. Come 12-23, it then says that it was cancelled. Gee thats odd? So still to this day, no payment has come my way. Im only the middle man here, but I feel very bad for Mr. Watson, who had to go through will all of this. George if you are reading this, just send the money to timers@cox.net PAYPAL. Quit avoiding me, and putting this off. That email you gave me "edgar@btptuning.com" is fake, and you know it. I already tried it yesterday. Come on man. Be straight with me, lets just get this over with.

NOTE: I will not edit, or delete this until this is all over with.
So if your still reading this people, the problem still continues.


01-15-2004, 08:03 AM
Timers, btptuning.com domain name doesnt even exist.