View Full Version : Which one to pick ??? 325 or 318 ???

Dan Bro
01-13-2004, 01:57 PM
I was just wondering about this question for a while... I've been looking around for a 325 but I saw some nice 318 up for sale aswell.
Which one would you guys pick ??? which one is more reliable ??? I don't want to buy a car that I'll be spending all my money on repairs. I want to modd the sh*** out of it, exterior wise. I'm not much into power but I like to step on it on the highway.
I'm looking for a 4 door, hopefully black on black, 5 spd bimmer.... but which model ????
I want to make it look like a 4 door M3, but I also want the comfort of the leather... you know what I mean, and I know BMW can do it for me.

Hopefully I'm making sense here.

01-13-2004, 02:15 PM
Well it all comes down to what you want. 318's are 4 bangers while the 325's have the bulliet proof 2.5L inline 6. It all depends what you want. If power really doesn't matter to you then get the 318, but if you want some grunt then go with the 325. Personally I would go with the 325 because i have the 2.5L engine and it is just amazing. But like I said it's up to you.

01-13-2004, 02:22 PM
I'd opt for the 325. You may not feel the torque difference between your Integra and the 318, so you might regret not going with the inline-6 later on. I don't think there are any reliability issues with either, it all depends on how good the owner took care of it.

01-13-2004, 02:34 PM
I'd say get the 325 since the engine is bigger. However, if a 318 is substantially cheaper and its a better deal in comparison, then get it.

01-13-2004, 03:54 PM
You'll need the extra power so go with the 325. I think the E36 is too heavy for the 1.8L to haul around.

01-13-2004, 04:12 PM
how new of a car are you looking at. The 97 318 comes with a 1.9L engine. The older ones have a 1.8L engine.

Having an Integra and a 97 318is at the same time, the 318 isn't that fast. It's smoother and quieter, but nothing impressive in the acceleration department.

I had the M Sports Suspension package on the 318is, and loved it. With a near 50/50 weight distribution and 225 tires, that car handled amazing. My new one is a lot softer.

Find out from your insurance which is cheaper to insure. This might be a deciding factor a well.

I'd say go with the 325i. You'll love the inline 6!!!!

But, if you’re fine with the power, and like the handling and refinement of the BMW, then a 318 would be fine. It will leave more money to mod the exterior.

01-13-2004, 04:40 PM

M3ti Compact
01-13-2004, 05:43 PM
318 = handles better
325 = goes faster

01-13-2004, 08:01 PM

01-13-2004, 08:22 PM
buy my car! :P

01-13-2004, 10:25 PM
3-2-5, you need a BIMMER if you are going to buy a bimmer

Dan Bro
01-14-2004, 12:48 AM
buy my car!

What kinda a car do you have, email me some pictures and some info, ohhh and your asking price and I'll consider it



01-17-2004, 01:12 AM
Are the M3 engines say '95-98 or 99 bullet proof, because it seems that way. Whenever I see a M3 doing donuts or burnouts it sounds like they're at redline the entire time. Also, many of you here talk about the aluminum engine in the Z3 (I think) would it hold as well as to abuse as the M3 with Iron block and Aluminum or Iron head?

01-17-2004, 04:32 AM
318's don't have much low end torque, so if you like rev happy cars 318 isn't bad. 325 has more torque, I think both engines are very realible. Most of my friends with 318's have well over 250,000km's, I have 230,000 and the motor still runs perfect without burning any oil. It pulls like new. The 318's motor is a pretty good one, the problem is the E36 chassis weighs a tonne, so the 325 would definitely be a better choice if you need that torque. The best thing to do if you decide to go with the 318 is weight reduction. Once you start to get the weight off the car you feel it actually has sufficient power.

All the complaints I've had over the years about the BMW have nothing to do with the engines. The car's are just very high maintenance. You can drive the car all it's life without ever fixing a thing. But if you want it to run the way it should be, it's going to cost you. I can't even tell you how many people with BMW's think their cars are running fine when infact there are many things that need replacing.

When buying a used BMW, expect the repair costs to go on and on. I've had things replaced on my car weekly for more than a year now and for that reason have become very good friends with my mechanic :) Now I think I finally have my car up to spec. Just be warned, make sure you have the money to maintain the car, not just purchase it.

If I ever buy another BMW, it's going to be a classic car that I'd probably store for most of it's life. I can't see myself blowing all this money maintaining one again.