View Full Version : E36 CD changer into E34?

01-01-2004, 07:43 AM
my bro just got a new setup in his e36, wonderin if i can take his cd changer off his hands. his is a 95 325i and mine is a 91 525i, if that makes any difference. can this be done? is it hard? how do i do it?
thanks a mil,

01-01-2004, 08:25 PM
if i remember correctly, you have different head units which will make it difficult.

01-01-2004, 11:38 PM
today we parked them in the garage, unplugged it from his, plugged it into mine & tada...i was already wired for it, just had to place the bracket for the changer...works like a charm (just temporary for now, until im ready to get a full system, then nakamichi will be goin in for the cd player)