View Full Version : Front bumper/skirt

04-30-2002, 05:00 PM
Just bought a 2002 325 4 door sedan and I hate the front. I really like the front on the coupe though. Wife wanted 4 doors - what can I say. Couple of questions. Will the coupe front fit on my sedan? Does anyone know where I can get something like that in Toronto. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Mr seville
04-30-2002, 05:07 PM
if you want an m3 look rieger just put one out for the revised 4dr and it looks really sharp*th-up*

04-30-2002, 05:53 PM
Check this thread maxbimmer (http://www.maxbimmer.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=2372) some stuff about it there!

04-30-2002, 06:15 PM
hehe...that was my post, I just order 2002 325i too few days ago, which dealer you went to 2002325i? and what option you pick up? *wave*

I hate the front bumper as much as you does :)