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11-09-2003, 07:09 PM
Here you go guys a couple of links with a few handred videos i have seen:



Cars+Bikes wild 25,1 MB
Gumball 3000 27,6MB
Racing Video Italia 37,6 MB
Bike Crashes 6,37MB
Porsche Fun Video 1,9MB
Audi Speed up
Elise vs Corvette 39,6MB
Crazy 17,5 MB
Cross Bike Video
Dreamcar Meeting 34,7MB
Expo 3 Teaser 20,2MB
Dream Car Meeting2 19,4MB
Cars go wild 25,6MB
Cars go wild2 36,8MB
New Honda Accord Coupe 9,86MB
Hummer crashed in a Honda 2,32MB
F50, GT2, Murcielago, Gemballa, NSX-R Race 34,4MB
Der neue Honda Element 9,02MB
Honda NSX Video (Top Gear!!!)
NSX Prime Canyon Drive 24,7MB
Arizona NSX Cruise 33,1MB
NSX-R Nordschleife 33,2MB
NSX vs RX7 2,5MB
NSX-R Rennstrecke Japan NSX-RvsGTR 2,05MBRace+S2000 24,3MB
NSX Dyno Motorschaden 13,3MB
CRX Dragster 3,41MB
CRX Drag 2 690KB
Civic Drag 2,41MB
AEM Civic Homepage
Integra Top Speed Tacho 2,89MB
NSX Fertigung 62,1MB
Civic oder Ferrari F40, wer ist schneller?
Civic vs Viper 9,08MB
Civic Rennstrecke Japan 6,36MB
NSX Pacecar vs Mazda Japan 9,76MB500PS NSX
S 2000 Nürburgring 48,6MB
Prelude Spa 18,9MB
Honda/Acura TL CL6MB
Porsche Werbung 12,7MB
911 GSX Raptor 72MB
996GT3 5,5MB
996GT3 7MB
996GT2 3MB
CGT 12,4MB
Cayenne 19,5MB
GT3 5,47MB
GT3 6,99MB
Renault Spot (Get up) 2,2MB
Skyline Video Top Gear 11.3 MB
Skyline Girl! 6,47MB
BMW Privat Vid
Langsam kommen lassen
Lache niemals über einen Beetle (kurzes Video)
Ein Driftvideo hat immer noch Platz gehabt
750PS Porsche 4,32MB
Ein Lambo Diablo Video 5.9MB
Fake, oder total irre?ca.2MB
Letzte Runde F1 GP 1979 Frankreich 8,2MB
Ein Cannonball Video. 101MB
Gumball Tease 30,8MB
Ein g..... Honda Integra Video
Driftkinks 1,32MB
Skyline Burns
Saab Video 32,4MB
Golf extrem 32MB
Golf VR6 27,8MB
US Cars playing 48,6MB
Koenigsegg Top Gear Video! 22,7MB
Driftvideo (Fuji Speedway)72MB ZIP
Sport Compact Nights Calgary 34,1MB Rally BDC Video 21,7MB
Top Gear M3 vs S4 28MB
Viper vs Civic 9,08MB
Porsche Spot 1,99MB
schneller Porsche 8,14MB
Porsche 911 Winter-Nordschleife. 65,2MB
RUF Nürburgring 12,9MB
630PS GT2
Audi RS6 11.4MB
Mitsubishi 3000 GtStockholm 110MB
GiS3 Teaser (NSX!!!)20MB
Gis4 Teaser!!![/b]19,8MB
Toyota MR2 Crash 4,2MB
Pagani Zonda 42,4MB
Pikes Peak 66,1MB
Ferrari Enzo 57,9MB
Ford Ka Fun ca.1MB
Driftchallenge 2003 23,1MB
Turbo Dreams3 28,4MB
Porsche vs Mitsu 74,2MB
Extrem Car Stunt 3,57MB
Fast Pick Up 3,4MB
Integra Alaska Racetrack 14.4MB
700 PS Supra 11,8MB
Fun Vid Lambo 3,37MB
Lambo Murcielago Video 16,4MBBMW M3 vs Police 7,75MB
Mitsu.. Race 39,5MB
Wie startet man einen Toyota? So!
New Mustang 31,4MB
Alfa 147 FUN 2,25MB
Clio FUN 2,89
Japan GT Championship 15,6MB
So muß eine Motorhaube gemacht sein!
Supra Fuji Speedway Low Quality 1,57MB
Harley powered Hotrod 35,7MB
Vancouver 2003 Import 4,51MB
Import Show 2002 39,7MB
Portland Import Motion 2003 28,5MB
Viper Onboard 16,4MB
Best Motoring 7/2003 Tsukuba Battle 82,2MB
2F2F Fake Video 22,6MB
Escort RR 19,7MB
Toyota Camry RC (EXTREM!!!)10,2MB
Ferrari 355 8,61MB
Race Car Crash 1,67MBVolvo XC90 17,9MB
Porsche GT3 106MB
Nordschleife 43,1MB
Nordschleife 42,4MB
Jeep Fun 2,2MB
Top Gear 72MB
Porsches crashed 3,76MB
Getaway in Oulu 77,1MB
StreetSlide 2003 92,5MB
Stockholm Open 2003 35,2MB
Noble M12 GTO 54MB
Portland Show 28,5MBAudi S1 Quattro 55,8MB
Porsche 996 GT3 RS 70,1MB
Jetblast extrem 977KB
Elise vs Corvette Nürburgring 39,4MB
Audi RS4 500PS 12,7MB
Driftvideo 37,1MB
Ferrari Video 10MB
Skoda Vabia RS 5,07MB
VR6 extrem 5,24MB
Streetrace Crash 1,1MB
Hummer H2 beschädigt 6,88MB
Ferrari 366 1,8MB
Getaway in Moskau 6,15MB
Fiat Fun Video 14,1MB
Getaway in Grusgropen 3,48MBDragster Burunout 3,39MB
TRANS AM Fun Spot 2,47MB
Boxster Fun Video 3,63MB
New Mini Movie 6,41MB mov
Ferrari F50 Crash 910KB
New BMW M5 1,77MB
BMW 6er 1,87MB
F50 Video 49,8MB
Watkins Glen Video 7,4MB
Police Shooting Video 2,41MB
Florida BMW Meeting 16,6MB
Turbo Dreams 3 28,3MB
98 supecharged Maxima vs 350Z 1,57 MB ZIP
98 supercharged Maxima and Turbo Maxima vs RX7 TT, Trans Am LS1,Z28 5,82MB ZIP600 PS Hyundai MOV
Ford GT,2005 Mustang and 2005 Corvette spy Vid 13,5MB
Diablo vs M3 2,63MB
Ferrari 355 Info 12,4MB
Porsche 911 6,63MB
Lada Video 5,53MB
Porsche Fun Video 8,49MB
Minibus extrem 6,91MB
SLK NEW Testdrive 11,3MB
WRC 2002 11,2MB
Murcielago starting 2,26MBSM5 Spot
Hyundai Rally Video 23,7MB
Renault Enginge .... 5,25MB
Seat Leon Cupra 10,1MB
Muscle Cars 6,04MB
Corvette: The First 50 Years 10,1MB
Arabian Style Drifting 1,04MB
A Fun Video 2,7MB
Nissan GTR mov
Viper Dyno 2,38MB
S2000 Crash 3,03MB
Fun Drag Civic 6,31MB
NSX Donuts 3,94MB
Trailer Cars+Girls 3,19MB
Wrong Place, wrong Time (left Mouseclick)4,09MB
2Civics+1Corvette 8,96MB
RX7vsSaleen Mustang 12,45MB
AE86 Drift 4,85MB
Radar Hasser 2,83MB
Cars und Bikes go crazy 26,5MB
New Cadillac XLR Convertible 1,7MB mov

[url]http://youluz.com/?id=Videos (http://www.garagetuners.com/diablo.mpeg)

Hope you enjoy!
My hard drive is almost full!:D

11-09-2003, 07:10 PM
Dawm it they did not all come up! Ohh well i guess the first 2 links are enough anyway!!!!!!

11-09-2003, 08:16 PM

Thanks for Posting.

Times like this I'm glad I got High Speed Internet!:P

11-09-2003, 10:07 PM
i want the link for the list of vids that have gumball and stuff in it where do i find these??

thanks ahead of time

11-11-2003, 12:53 AM
#407 is crazy:D

11-14-2003, 01:49 AM
Wow, this might take a while*shiner*

11-16-2003, 07:47 AM
number 407 is maxbimmer,com!!! funny eh? -Mike