View Full Version : Rain inside the cabin

04-06-2002, 03:49 AM
Everytime it rains or I wash my car, I find a soggy glove compartment, passenger and driver side floorboard. I have an E30 M3. I've searched around and found that it is ussually caused by clogged "plumbing". I have the glovebox off so far. I plan to take apart the car until I find the clog. I got my info from an article (http://www.bmwe30.net/cgi-bin/technical/index.cgi?db=default&uid=default&view_records=1&database=body&sb=7&so=descend) bmwe30.net's tech articles. It said to take off the rockers and unclog them. My question is how do you remove the rockers? First off, are the rockers the same as the sideskirts? I took off the 4 screws and tried to jiggle it off, but it's not coming off. What I have as plan B is I went to the hardware shop and bought 16 ft of thin tube. If I can't find the clog, I'll just stick the tube down the sunroof drains. I just hope that The water comes out the comes out the right outlet hole when the tube is in as far as it will go, but if I take it out, and pour water into the drain inlet, then it doesn't come out anywhere:confused: Sorry this is so long.

Summary of thread: How do you take off the side skirts (rockers?)?