View Full Version : MY 18's are finally gone, now its time to start looking!

08-30-2003, 04:35 AM
Hey guys, whats going on, after some time, i have FINALLY sold my 18's for a fair amount!
Now i was just look for some input on my next set, i'm open to any sugestions, but all i care about is it NEEDS to have a dish, doesn't have to be a huge dish, just SOME dish, and a 35mm offset preferably!!
Sizes 16,17,18, but i don't wanna spend more then 1600 at the most!

08-30-2003, 05:49 AM
Buy my wheels ;)

08-30-2003, 08:32 AM
you mean you ripped some one off?? ;)

well get 17" Since i see you wanna track your car more, it is the best size. 16" could be a bit small if you wanna upgarde your brakes, 18" could be heavy. So 17" is perfect.
IF you want looks, get 18" minimum.

08-30-2003, 09:06 AM
Not even, i just meant i didn't loose out TOO much!
i didn't get what i was hoping to get, but whatever, just glad the rims are gone!

08-30-2003, 11:50 AM
Get 17" M-Contours!!!

08-30-2003, 11:54 AM
Originally posted by SOLDOMATIC 325i
Not even, i just meant i didn't loose out TOO much!
i didn't get what i was hoping to get, but whatever, just glad the rims are gone!

just curiousity .... why glad that rims are gone ....? :confused:
i thought alot of ppl want to get to 18 ....

08-30-2003, 01:40 PM
i have a set of 17 oem m coutours i would sell ... they are 17x7.5 all around ... not staggered. don't know what a fair price is ... pm if interested

08-30-2003, 11:16 PM
PM'd you!

08-31-2003, 11:51 PM
Me again guys, i need some help now, i have decided to purchase the 10 spoke M rims, and i will most likely need a few things as well, i was told that the tires in the rear are 255's so i will need a some fenders rolled FOR SURE!!!
Secondly, there are some minor curb rashes, anyone know another place that can fix curb rashes, and/or POWDER COAT rims (i know theres a thread on that already, but i can't find it, so even a link to that thread would help)
And lastly, if anyone knows what the offset is for the M3 10 spoke rims is, roughly even, would be much appreciated, because theres a good chance that the front tires will rub against my coilovers, therefore i will also be very grateful to know if anyone knows a good place to get spacers, and any help on what size spacers will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!
Thanks guys!!

09-01-2003, 07:21 AM

09-01-2003, 07:52 AM
why buy oem ? go with some iforged ?

09-01-2003, 01:37 PM
You know what, i really wanted to get some NICE rims, but right now, i need the money for other stuff, i was able to pick the rims up at a VERY GOOD price, so i went with it, this way, i can afford the spacers, and i still have money left over to get some ellipsoids now too, so in a way it was worth it, besides, OEM don't really loose their value!!
So does anyone know at least how spacers work, like how would i know what SIZE spacer to get exactly!?