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08-24-2003, 10:48 PM
Hi, if anyone has any automatic drivetrain problems, i have a good amount of the parts in my garage from my 96 328 after i put in a manual transmission, and some other spare parts. Make me an offer on anything, i've been trying to sell them for a long time and really need to get em out of here. Thanks!

4 15x6 steel wheels with or without hubcaps. no wheels are bent.
1 15x6.5 steel wheel, silver, not bent.
Torque converter
automatic transmission
driveshaft with center bearing
tranny mounts/bushings and cross brace
stock intake and filter for 328i
stock intake and filter for 318i 94
automatic gearshift knob, lever, neutral switch, cover, etc.
flex disc
brake pedal housing for auto