View Full Version : SI & instrument help

08-19-2003, 10:22 PM
Allrigthy then;

When I ran the car up for the first time on saturday the economy gauge and more importantly the temp gauge were jumping all over the show and the economy gauge isn't even wire in?!?!

Any way, I pulled out the instrument cluster to check the batteries as they are known to be a source of troubles. They were fine 1.367v each.
I did however notice some corrosion on the back of the circuit board as shown in the attached pic. Could this be the source of the problem??

How to fix it??

1. get a new SI board ($$$ ouch)
2. How can I run the temp gauge with out the SI board?? (I plugged the dash in without it and the tacho/speedo/fuel gauge worked fine)
3. Does anyone have wiring diagrams for the instrument cluster & SI board??

Also there are the 3 plug sockets on the back of the cluster, Mine only has the white and blue plugged in, no sign of a yellow plug, is this normal?? and what does the yellow plug do?? (abs etc... maybe)

Thanks in advance guys