View Full Version : FS 1986 325e BMW

08-14-2003, 04:15 PM
2 door 1986 325e BMW forsale 272K KM
Arctic blue metallic.
Decent body shape
80-90% tread remaining

Clearcoat is flaking, body is in decent shape.

Car has acceleration problem, and slightly hesitates/ surges. It feels bogged down.

I had the car taken to a mechanice, he went over the whole engine, compression is good, replaced fuel injectors and fuel pressure/ spark is good

My mechanice said he thinks its an electrical problem, and I rewired the whole engine with no luck.

When I bought this car it worked great, no hesitation problems whatsoever. It used to be a daily driver.

For someone that knows the 325e well this could be a great car, it does need a few things, however I saftied it a year ago and haven't driven it much since (about 500 KM)

I really need a car, so I'm selling this for 1400.00 obo.

Car is located in Kingston, ON. about 2.5 hours away from toronto 1.5 from ottawa.

http://members.roadfly.com/jordan325/BMWside.jpg http://members.roadfly.com/jordan325/Dscf0005.jpg http://members.roadfly.com/jordan325/Dscf0203.jpg http://members.roadfly.com/jordan325/Dscf0205.jpg http://members.roadfly.com/jordan325/Dscf0206.jpg http://members.roadfly.com/jordan325/Dscf0207.jpg http://members.roadfly.com/jordan325/Dscf0208.jpg http://members.roadfly.com/jordan325/Dscf0209.jpg

08-14-2003, 05:07 PM
wanna sell me ur knob?

08-14-2003, 05:29 PM
Sure.. I actually have an extra one. It's slightly worn and the centre cap is faded. I bough 2 //M tech centre caps off ebay from germany but they never arrived.

Anyways you can take this one for 30.00 if you want.