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07-28-2003, 09:29 PM
Okay I am very new, VERY NEW. I have 1997 jetta Gt 2.0L for those that love all german cars. But I really love BMW's, especially the 1988 M3 and 1986-90 E30's. Before I got the jetta my heart was set on the 1986 325es. I was inches away from getting the car but some a s s hole sold it the day before I got to look at it, even though I told him on the phone I will most likely purchase it. So after a year with the jetta and the vw crowd I sorta forgot about the 325es. Until sunday!! There it was 325is 1990 plastic bumpers and m3 style wing, one of my fav bmw's. But that was not all the demoned was in side. Yes I mean TURBO, and not just any TURBO a huge turbo. It missed shift and toasted the valves but the mechanic said it layed down 350hp, right there right then I remembered the 325es. Now I want my bmw. I heard about this site so I cheaked it out. Then I saw the most sexiest bmw around. Randy Sparre's. Now I need to build my car or I am going to go insane thinking about not having it.

So I come to you all for knowledge on bmw's. Motor parts, brakes, suspension, body works, every thing. I don't plan to go spend the 30 000cnd budge I am setting for my self asap, this is a project that will take 3 years to do. I really want to build this car right. So I need tips, suggestions, and idea's to help me make my super BMW that I will kept until I die.

CAR STYLE = E30 325 1986-90
MOTOR = 6 cyl TURBO (comes in car)

Tell me every thing I need to know, where to go and read up on building my BMW