View Full Version : FS: 1980 EURO BMW 323i

07-28-2003, 01:35 PM
Hello All,

Officially for sale is one e21 eurospec 323i...a very rare care to find in Canada. This car has the baby six m20 which is a predecessor to the motor found in e30 325i. Only 160,000 KMs. The tranny is a closely geared Getrag 4-speed. The rear end has a 3.45 open diff. Interior is grey and in good shape- one small cut in the drivers side seat. The car has Hella H4/H1 headlights.

This car would be perfect for restoration because that is what has already been started. Much of the body work has already been completed. There is still some rust in the common areas to e21s...ie: shock towers. The car comes with doors purchased for the restoration.

The 323i may also be a good for a racing application. This car has a rear profile unique to euro e21s, much more attractive without the US spec bumpers.

This car also might be an ideal candidate for a m20 conversion...are you thinking of putting one in your e21 or 2002? This would have all the necessary parts. You can make a very fast engine for not much $$ using the 323i as a base. (see http://e21bmw.net/graymarket/library/327i.php)

The price: $1500 for the entire car pieced back together.
or $1000 for the engine/tranny/rear drive in the car, but stripped of interior and other parts.

Please email or call Ian (416) 830-9432. More Pics available.