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07-28-2003, 02:12 AM
ok i was driving the car today mayb did about 100 kilometers
of crusin and other shit.
when i stop home for dinner. i turn the car on to hit up my local meeting spot and the ****en light comes on "Check Engine Light"
i thought it mayb was cause i was almost bone dry in my gas tank. i didnt fill it cause regular was at like 75 cents a liter (to rich for my blood) esspecially since i have to get the 85 cent premium.
none the less i hit the gas station and filler up with 10 bux of gas
and the light is still on what do u suggest i do, i know this is a very broad question but maybe someone knows or can suggest a soloution for me.


07-28-2003, 02:14 AM
Very first check the oil filler cap(tighten it), and oil level check stick (again tighten it)

Good luck

07-28-2003, 02:19 AM
ill check those
but the thing is i never touched my engine all day
i never touched the oil cap or the stick

07-28-2003, 02:38 AM
your gonna have to find out which code your getting that is the first step, check engine is such a broad band of problems. anything from gas cap not on to O2 sensors. i suggest finding out the code by yourself or taking it to the dealer or mechanic who uses a Modec (engine scan tool) and find out for sure.

07-28-2003, 03:05 AM
how would i go about checking such things by myself?
guessing and checking?
if i were to go to a mechanic how much would such a scan cost?

07-28-2003, 03:26 AM
i dont think u can do it yourself. but i could be wrong.

but it might be just a o2 sensor in the best case,

i had it once happen to me it was on for like 2 days and it turned itself off but it came back on then again. and i took it the dealer and they changed the o2 sensor for me. for free at that time :) cuz it was still under warranty

07-28-2003, 11:11 AM
theres a meathod to finding your problem code, (cant remember the procedure for OBDII) but it will give you your current fault then come back and we can help you out, hopefully someone here remembers the procedure

07-28-2003, 02:30 PM
i also hope so
how much would an o2 sensor cost to replace

thing is i just bought the car a week ago
and having a problem so sudden worries me


07-28-2003, 09:21 PM

07-28-2003, 10:26 PM
Hard to tell with out a diagnostic tool.

If under warrenty dealer will say gas cap and reset it for you.

If out of warrenty it will be o2 sensor. Not too expensive... couple hundred.

07-29-2003, 12:42 AM
thanx guys
i jus hope i didnt by a lemon


07-29-2003, 03:13 PM
w00t w00t
the check engine light is gone
lets jus hope it stays that way atleast till i buy my alarm:)

i didnt even notice it was gone cause i was so use to seeing it
i jus mentally blocked it out cause it pissed me off

*par-t* *par-t*

07-29-2003, 03:14 PM
my check engine light appears once in a while for no more that couple of minutes than goes away.... Go figure..

07-29-2003, 03:21 PM
mine was on for about a day and a half

07-29-2003, 06:56 PM
Originally posted by HooliGaN*
mine was on for about a day and a half

probablly 02 sensor

07-29-2003, 07:07 PM
ya thats what im thinking
hopefully it was jus a random false alarm
so i can save my money