View Full Version : pwr windows/central locking

Big Flip
07-20-2003, 01:55 PM
Does anyone know if diconnecting the driver door pwr window
regulator inadvertantly affects the passenger door pwr window?
My driver window would not go up so I temporarily unplugged
the regulator that allows the window to automatically slide up
and down about 2 inches every time u open or close the door.
After doing this the passenger window has been acting up.
Sometimes it slides up all the way and then sometimes it slides
up and stops leaving that 2 inch gap at the top. Is this normal
until I reconnect the driver door motor properly? Just shortly
after the central locking system decides to go south on me as
well..all the fuses check out..is there a relay I am not aware of?
Are both system tied in 2gether?