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07-13-2003, 11:41 PM
My left xenon bulb went out today so I'm switching back to stock, however I'm not sure if the right way to do it is to reach in and turn the bulb part and pull it out or have to do it another way?

As you can tell I'm a pure newbie and scared to do anything myself without knowing I'm doing it right, don't want to f anything up, heh

07-14-2003, 01:33 AM
yeah just turn it and pull it out. it goes counterclockwise i think to remove and clockwise to put it back in

07-14-2003, 04:59 AM
True, I'm an idiot, posted this before looking at it myself, looks easy enough. Thanks.

Hope the xenon bulb didn't melt the thing since the onboard told me it's a failure. Will replace it tomorrow - thanks.

07-14-2003, 05:02 PM
Are these xenon halogens, or xenon HID bulbs?
if they're HID, do you want to sell me the ballasts?

Justin e36
07-14-2003, 09:41 PM
stock headlamps... xenons... wouldn't surprise me if it melted... my stock headlight caught on fire... yes, the whole housing was in flames... then I went with Euro ZKW's .. .Xenons never looked better.

07-14-2003, 11:01 PM
They are just the "xenon" bulbs you can buy at import shops, the cheap shit :)

07-15-2003, 01:36 AM
If you want to stay stock but still add a touch of modification to your lighting, you can buy 9005 (hi-beam) bulbs and I could show you how to adapt them to your low beam socket. With those bulbs in your low beam sockets you'll get more light on the road, and a little bit of sparkle to your lights which looks nice as well.

07-15-2003, 04:12 AM
I'd like to upgrade in the future to something nice but right now it's probably going to stay stock, I don't have money to do anything really.

Does adapting the hi-beams to the low-beams cause a blinding effect? Heh, might be interested

07-15-2003, 08:05 AM
It doesn't create a blinding effect at all, but just a dash of glare which looks somewhat like HID if you have a nice blue bulb in there.

07-15-2003, 01:16 PM
So just buy another set of cheap xenons?

07-15-2003, 01:17 PM
If you want, or you can buy regular/oem highbeam bulbs from walmart or canadian tire (which put out more light).
If you must go blue, look for Sylvania blue bulbs since they're not cheaply made, and still DOT approved.

07-15-2003, 11:41 PM
So just put bought high beams into the lowbeam sockets...

But the connectors are different, I spent about 15 minutes last night trying to fight a lowbeam bulb into the highbeam socket until I realized it was in the wrong connector :)

07-15-2003, 11:45 PM
It doesn't fit, it requires modification to the bulb itself. You simply take an exacto knife and shave off the tab inside of the connector part of the bulb, and then take a dremel and shave down the top most tab on the bulb base so it'll fit. You can also break off a piece of the tab using pliers as well.
If you can't do it, I'll show you sometime, or find the website I learned about it on for you.

07-15-2003, 11:59 PM
Hmm, if I'd do that though then if later on I want to replace the bulbs I'm screwed eh? :D

07-16-2003, 12:29 AM
Nope, you're not modifying your housing in any way.
You're just modifying the bulb so it'll fit in the highbeam socket AND the lowbeam one.

07-16-2003, 12:35 AM
Oh oops, now I know what you mean.

Stupid question - so will the highbeam bulb in the lowbeam socket be less brighter than the highbeam in the highbeam socket?

07-16-2003, 02:01 AM
it'll be the same brightness, but wont blind anyone since it'll be aimed like the lowbeams are.
If you can imagine driving with highbeams on without glaring other drivers, that's what it'll be like.
With an H7 foglight conversion, you'll be lighting up the road almost as much as HID's would.

07-16-2003, 02:25 AM
Contra, you really have to do a write up on all the different lighting tricks that you know.

07-16-2003, 02:27 AM
now u got me all thinking that i should go and do that thing. i'm just not sure if i have any bulbs laying around.

i'll prolly see one weekend when i'm all bored and do that with the highbeam bulb in the lowbeam socket

07-16-2003, 04:23 AM
Can you get .... blueish colored high beams???

07-16-2003, 04:26 AM
Think so - contra made a mention of either blue or white