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03-21-2002, 02:24 AM
I took my newly accuired 87 325i 4 door SCCA autocrossing this last Sunday. 194,ooo thousand MILES and original struts/shocks. I changed the rear end to a 2:93 w/lsd (versus the 3:73 non-lsd). Lost .5 seconds (Checked before and after with a G-tech.) in the 1/4 mile, but figured the lsd was better for tight track use. It also has crappy custom exhaust after the stock cat with a Magnaflow muffler. Regular old all-season street tires too! Other than those few things, she's all original.

It rained all day so only 44 people registered. I finished 7th overall! Not bad in any car, let alone my tired old 325i. I beat everybody in the stock (no mods) classes and most of the people in the modified classes. Only the "old pros" beat me and except for the overall winner (he smoked us all....BAD! By over 2 seconds!) it was reasonably close. 2nd place was 55.312, 6th was 57.021. My best was a 57.744.

Bimmers I beat:
e36 M3 (hahahahahahah:moon: ) 58.269
Another e36 M3 (that's 2 for us e30 guys*uzi* )I won't even post his time it was so bad!
BMW 740i (okay, okay so it's a bigger car) 58.477
91 318is (okay, that wasn't fair) 100.463

Regular junk I beat:
Mustang GT (in street prepared class! ((he has mods!))) 58.151
Bullit Mustang (close to my best time, but no*smoke* ) 58.194
2 new WRX's (both with a few mods!) 58.383
miata (street prepared class again) 58.524
RX7 (3rd gen! okay, he couldn't drive:( ) 59.582
VW Corrado (easy:P ) 59.441
Integra GSR (easy:P ) 59.592
Focus (easier:D ) 100.533

Fresno chapter SCCA. Results should be up by the end of this weekend.


03-21-2002, 02:27 AM
Here is a pic of my jewel....