View Full Version : double locking -- aftermarket alarm.

Justin e36
06-25-2003, 06:08 PM
Hi there, I'm aware that e36's have 3 different types of double locking features. Pre 94 had 2 clicks of the key to the right to double lock. 95+ is just one turn. Also from 94+ double locking does a starter kill and fuel pump kill. In 96+ (or 95?) they added the chip to the key.

I'm also aware that there are two ways of having an aftermarket alarm double lock the doors when armed. One is to give both the (lock) and (unlock) wires a pulse for locking, but only the - for unlocking. (by tapping the wires with a diode) The second procedure is for other cars which have a separate wire for double locking... (which can be found drivers side kick panel around the dead pedal.) This wire is used as the (lock) wire instead.

With that all that said, I want my aftermarket alarm to double lock for obvious reasons... my car is a 1992 E36. Now, which of the double locking methods do I use for my alarm? Which double locking method applies to 1992 E36's?