View Full Version : Anyone heard of MUNICH MOTORSPORTS ????

06-23-2003, 11:06 PM
... yeah, they are located on Dufferin, North of the 401... I was looking at a '90 325i at THE AUTO PLACE (pretty much the same area), and a guy in a Dakkar Yellow Eurospec M3, shows up and tells me he can put an E36 M3 engine and tranny, in that 325.....:huh?: He sais he owns a shop "Munich Motorsports" just around the corner, and if I was interested, he can drop it in.... but would not tell me the price...*thmbsdwn* The guy I was talking to about the Bimmer I wanted to buy told me that I needed to put a deposit on the car before I could take it to a dealer to get it inspected. If there are no SERIOUS engine, tranny, or diff. problems I would have to buy the car, or loose the deposit...*mumble* WTF !!!! He goes, "if there is something seriously wrong with the car that will require you to spend thousnads of dollars, you don't have to buy the car, but otherwise, you have to, or loose the deposit!"...... what you guys think ????? the car has 260 000km, NEW paint job*th-up* , and only a LITTLE rust on the inside of the doors... I don't think it was winter driven ???? ... and he wants $5000 ...... cert, emission, and with a 6 month BASIC warranty.

06-23-2003, 11:25 PM
Theyre cool.. I know the owner well, and they know ALOT about bimmers...