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06-08-2003, 07:03 PM
anybody here aware there is a known problem with pre-94 e36 subframe i just find out this complaint today ....

From: Steve Walsh <stevewalsh@earthlink.net>
Subject: [uuc] Re: <E36> Rear diff/subframe ripping out of body??

The 318's and 325's (at least up thru MY95, but I suspect all the non-M
E36's) do not have the reinforcement around the 4 subframe mounting
points, that the M3 has. These are about the size of your palm, and are
spot welded over/around mounting points.
I tore out 1, tore 2 for 270 degrees around the mount, on my '93 325is
back in 1995. The car had about 88K miles and 1 driving school. I had
the mounts welded up, and the M3 plates welded in.
Since then I have 30+ track days and 80K more miles and every suspension
and steering has been upgraded to M3 or better. No further
I guess the BMW engineers knew what they were doing on the M3 .