View Full Version : WOW!!!!!!!! first time RED Ferrari F355 coupe

06-07-2003, 12:40 AM
Wow.... first time hearing Ferrari motor up close.. 9:30PM at Tomken

Anyway, I was driving on Dundas turning on tomken and while I was turning I notice (it was dark) a car with double air dams on the side turning into the same street at the traffic light.

It turned into my lane and it was behind me and I was "HOLY SHIT".... He speeds up to me like a rocket. I quickcly changed lanes and I wanted to give him a thumbs up or sumething.. but it was dark..

He finally slowed down right by me... and I admired the V8... mmmm But E46 M3 sounds better imo... but you cant beat that high pitched whine of the Ferrari *th-up*

That guy goes like 80 in a 40 zone and I try to tailgate him as he changes lanes and goes straight on tomken while I turn to the other street!