View Full Version : E30 325i manual box.

06-05-2003, 05:54 AM

first of all, my 1989 UK E30 325i was a manual.
it was the previous owner who converted it to an auto. and the workshop sold the manual off.

anyway, i'm getting a hard time sourcing for the manual 'box for my E30.

So my question is:
1)Would the pre-facelift (L-jetronic engine) 'box fit into my motoronic? i know it's the same M20 but it's an older engine and my mechnanic says he had complications with it before due tothe bell housing mating with the engine?

2)Would the 'box from my 1989 motoronic E34 520i manual 'box fit the E30? i heard that this 'box won't fit cos it's too big? but aren't they the same?

3)what other common 'box are there to be used?