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05-26-2003, 03:33 AM
Not much of a kill for all you out there with m3's, m5's and 330ci's, but me and my 87 325is just owned 3 people at once.

It was me and some friends and all of there "fast" cars,
a 1992 neon (with a ton of money put into it)
1995 240sx (muffler, intake) <-- (btw, it is a piece of shit)
1999 mercury cougar (exhaust, intake)

We were out in a big parking lot last night, all four of us lined up and we got the "GO!" from another friend outside. Holy Crap, i was expecting to loose and boy was i suprized when off the line and through 1st i was a half a car length ahead of all of them. 2nd gear blew them away, i was a carlength ahead of the cougar who was in second (he said at that time he was a half a car length ahead of the neon). 3rd was just more ownage where i pulled to 2 car length ahead. We stoped after 3rd at about 95mph when we ran outa room. I was so surprized and pleased i wanted to crap myself.*par-t*

total standing at the end:*uzi*
1st - BMW 325is
2nd - Cougar -- 2 car lengths behind me
3rd - Neon -- 3 1/2 car lengths behind me
4th - 240sx -- 4 car lenghts behind me

05-27-2003, 08:40 AM
nice kills